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Sleeping Well: Is It Just a Dream?

For many of us a good night’s sleep is simply a dream, an intention, or a desire. As soon as our head hits the pillow we may long to fall asleep immediately and stay asleep until morning; however, most of us do not get the sleep we wish for. In fact, about 70 million Americans experience some kind of sleeping disorder.

If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, tend to wake up the next morning exhausted, feel too tired during the day to effectively perform at work, or have to depend on two or more cups of coffee to keep you going, chances are you have a sleeping problem.

There are a number of different causes for insomnia: stress, anxiety, depression, medication, chronic pain or other medical conditions…the list goes on and on! There are some things, like establishing a better sleep routine, which can contribute to a better night’s sleep. And yet there are certain situations that are totally out of our control such as aging, which can affect the quality of our sleep.

When You Sleep Well, You Feel Well.

Sleep, like a healthy diet, is an absolute must to successfully function on a day-to-day basis. Over time insomnia and other sleeping disorders do damage to our bodies, mental state, relationships, and jobs. In fact, recent studies have shown that insomnia can lead to certain diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression.

Simply put, we need our sleep.

When we are asleep our body not only gets time to rest, but also our cells, organs, and immune system get time to repair and rejuvenate. Also, research has indicated that a good night’s sleep improves overall brain function. When we are sleep deprived, our concentration level and short-term memory suffers.

Losing sleep is not just inconvenient; it’s a health risk. Luckily there is something you can do about it. More and more Americans are
waking up to the fact that there are alternatives to
prescription sleep medications — many of
which are addictive and have
long-term side effects.

WonderSleep:A Natural Herbal Sleep
Disorder Remedy

Remember when you were a child and you could sleep all night? If you want to get back that feeling, without taking prescription drugs or other potentially harmful chemicals, it’s time to try WonderSleep.

WonderSleep is an all-natural sleeping aid that is made from a fine balance of high-quality herbs. Through research, we have formulated a herbal supplement that is specifically intended to treat insomnia and other related sleeping disorders. Our proprietary formula of six herbs is clinically proven to promote relaxation and provide a restful, deep sleep.

Each of the six herbs in WonderSleep has been used for thousands of years as herbal remedies for calming the mind and body. The combination of these herbs works to not only on enhancing the quality of sleep, but also as natural stress relievers to help you unwind before going to bed.

Narthex (50mg)

Anxiety reliever
Niger (75mg)

Herbal sedative
Read more
about Ingredients

Isn’t It Time You Had a Good Night’s Rest?

WonderSleep is guaranteed to help you fall and stay asleep all night. It works quickly, allowing you to sleep soundly and wake up feeling well rested and refreshed — without any drowsy side effects.

If you experience one or more of the following, then you should try WonderSleep:

The beauty of WonderSleep is that it can be taken on an as-needed basis. Unlike most prescription sleep aids, WonderSleep’s proprietary formula of herbs has no side effects such as daytime drowsiness and, most importantly, it is 100% safe to use. Just take before bedtime to help you with a deep, restful sleep.

Other benefits of WonderSleep include:

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